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Kitchen Remodel Vancouver WA

Kitchen Remodel for Vancouver WA and Portland OR Metros

There are few things that you can do to improve the value of your home that are as efficient as remodeling the kitchen. Kitchen remodeling in Vancouver WA has long been a popular means to add a new level of functionality and value to houses by adding features and luxury to this room. In a new kitchen remodeling project, you will often find yourself replacing old components, refinishing distressed surfaces, or installing new pieces to achieve your desired result.

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 Kitchen Remodel Advice:

It is important to remember that while you’re remodeling the kitchen, you may not have access to your stove to prepare food, and (depending on the kitchen remodel) power may not be available in that room until the job is complete. However, kitchen remodeling is generally a fast project as many components can be pre-ordered and cut to fit.

 Need Custom Counter Tops?

Get a quote for your custom kitchen counter-top installation immediately. There are many uses for custom kitchen counter-tops, including kitchen and bath installations, as well as commercial and other residential uses. Vanity counter tops are very popular, along with granite and prefab new counter tops. For more information on new and discounted counter tops please contact us by clicking the contact us link below.


Our Kitchen Remodeling projects are among the first choices here in the Pacific North West. Most Kitchen designs have been the “open concept” kitchen. It has been a staple design for many folks, not just here in the Northwest, our research has lead us to believe that it is a “Top Trend” in the housing market today.

A kitchen remodeling update, rank among the most popular home improvements. The reason?

  • An excellent return on the investment.
  • A renovated kitchen can deliver better storage,
  • enhanced ergonomics,
  • and higher resale value.

We do look forward to helping you design your Perfect New Kitchen.

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If you need a room addition contractor, we can do that too…home additions before and after

Kitchen Remodeling for the New Millennium includes the new open concept kitchen, so contact us for a full consultation and get your project started today!

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