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Service Group Construction is a high quality roofing and remodeling contractor here in the North West. You don’t have to go any further than this website to find the best product and service. Give us a call and find out why we are the best roofing contractors in the Pacific Northwest. We are the leading home improvement contractor in our area

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  • Important Advise from our roofing contractors in Vancouver, WA

When choosing a new roof, consider this first: Different Types of Roofing Material

Like there are different house types, there are different roofing material types to choose from.

Many factors can contribute to a homeowner’s decision when choosing what type of roofing material to use. Those reasons could be:

1. Homeowners want a visually appealing roof composition; or,
2. Homeowners want more bang for their buck; or,
3. Homeowners desire something that will last a very long time.

More likely than not, it will be for all the above stated reasons. So, which do you choose?

 Now Proudly Featuring The Pabco Product Roofing Material Line!

All of our Pabco product line come with the standard 30 or 40 year warranty. Just pick up the phone and schedule your private, no-hassle, in house demonstration.

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Here are the different types of roofing material to consider before you buy!

Asphalt Roofing Material

Popular among Americans. Cheaper ( i.e. more affordable, Americans like to save a buck…)
Quality: It’s intended to last long, on average 20-30 years, that’s why it is an excellent choice when it comes to more bang for your buck.

 Architectural Shingles

The Alternative to Asphalt.
Thicker than the asphalt shingles, architectural shingles, as the name implies, are heavier than its cheaper counterpart. It has a visually structured look, making it look appealing and quite uncommon. However, they are a bit more expensive and classier than asphalt shingles. Our roofing contractors unanimously agree that this type of roofing material is the No. 1 among most homeowners..

Wood Shingles and Wood Shakes

Wood shingles are in a class of its own and really raises the bar because anything with a wood finish certainly stands out! These wood shingles age gracefully looking nicely weathered. A special quality is its smooth texture. They are cut in uniform pieces but may vary in terms of width.
Wood types that are most often used for this type of roofing material are: Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Eastern White Cedar. Then you have wood shakes, a rough cut version. Wood shakes are definitely thicker because it is split instead of being sawn off.

The CONS are: The cost for its installation and maintenance, making it a barrier for some. Wood products require to be cared for differently. Mildew or Moss must be removed first (a light pressure washer can normally handle this) and then re-oiled with a finishing product. The PROS are: It has a service life of approximately 30-50 years!

 Fake Wood Shingles and Shakes

Everyone knows fires can be a disaster. It is common everywhere, especially on the West Coast where wildfires could destroy homes in seconds, prompting local authorities to enforce local codes requiring fireproof roofing materials in building codes. However, it doesn’t prevent a homeowner from choosing roofing material that still looks like its expensive! Roofing materials engineered to look like wood shingles and wood shakes are a safe, and cheap, alternative.

 Slate Roofing Materials

Slate roofing material choices are especially great for the Northeast weather and climate. Affluent families traditionally make this a roof of choice. Slate tiles are not only a beautiful material, but can also last for a long time. As you may have already guessed, with a combined beauty and durability feature it usually means only one thing – Very Expensive.

 Fake Slate

Just as wood imitations are common, so is slate. They make Fake slates from recycled rubber and plastics. It looks very much like real slate but normally only costs about 1/3. Lightweight and durable, it can be easily installed with common tools and techniques. Even with a professional eye, one could hardly see any differences. Fake slates are known to last for 50 years!

 Metal Roof

In snowy regions, a real good choice for those homes are metal roofs.

Metal roofs are corrugated, galvanized sheets. It is affordable, not an elegant roofing material, and as you would expect, its not a good choice for the rich. A very popular choice among agricultural houses. The PROS are: It lasts very long and its simple to install. A higher-end counterpart would be a copper roof. The CONS are: There really aren’t any…Generally speaking, these type of roofing materials are known to last for 50 years!

Ceramic Roof

If you want a Mediterranean-looking roof, ceramic roof tiles would be your choice. Classified as the most ubiquitous of its kind would be the barrel tiles. It is famous and a special roofing material because it is hand made. There are other variations of these clay roofing tiles, which would appear to look like shingles or slates. As you might have guessed already, they are expensive to buy as well as to install. A quick look at the celebrity homeowners Spanish clay tile roofing would hint at the meaning here.

It is one of the longest lasting roofs around and it could last for 60-80 years, as long as it has been installed properly.

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Contact us for a full demonstration with our Certified Roofing Contractors in Vancouver WA and get your roofing project started today, we will also replace your outdated Gutters! Learn more about our exteriors sister roofing contractors over here.

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